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    Small and medium sized businesses need to plan as much as, if not more than, large businesses. By developing a formal plan you can increase your chances of success by 30% to 50%. However, most businesses cannot afford a full time person who can help communicate the strategic plan of the company, identify and analyze the risks facing the company, and develop strategic and mitigation plans to tackle the issues faced.

    I have developed a 3 1/2 day program that can give you a new insight into your business with the application of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). ERM is the process of looking at what risk events are preventing you from reaching your goals and implementing plans to reduce the risk which increases the likelihood of your success.

    At the end of the program you will have a fully developed Strategic Plan which includes all goals broken down into Strategies, Sub-objectives, and Action Steps. Your Risk Register listing all your company risks is an excellent follow-up tool that can be used to record your mitigation plans for all extreme and high risks identified. You will be provided with a summary analysis of the key areas to focus on for business improvement, and identification of which goals are most at risk.

    To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, “Most businesses don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan”. Why not put the tools of ERM to work for you today and increase your competitive advantage along with your chance of success.

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